2-Ply Laminated Matsimage of 2-ply laminated mats

Pipeline Skid Service’s 2-ply laminated mats are great for temporary roads when the terrain is marshy or the rain never stops. Use of laminated mats is a perfect solution to keeping your project on time and in budget. 2-ply mats are great for light duty truck traffic versus 3ply mats which can stand up to heavier semi loads and rubber tire excavators.

Further specifications are:

  • 2 layers of 2” x 8” boards
  • 8’ Wide 4” Thick and 12’, 14’ or 16’ Length
  • With or without cables/chains for lifting
  • Custom sizing also available

2-Ply Laminated Mats are also known as:

  • Swamp Mats
  • Mud Mats
  • Truck Mats
  • Laminated 2ply Mats
  • Access Mats
  • Starter Mats


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