Crane Mats to Permian Basin

Pipeline Skid Service has provided hundreds of new and used hardwood crane mats to the Permian Basin over the last few months as production in the area continues to be good.  It seems that the oil and gas companies are trending to require new construction projects to mat over all existing pipelines crossed while accessing the new construction sites.  This means, depending on the company, contractors will be required to lay mats over the underground pipelines to distribute the weight of their equipment or in more extreme cases they are even required to put in air bridges on each crossing.

The following year is projected to be a busy year in West Texas.  We recommend making sure your project bids are accounting for the matting that may be required on the project.  Also, when preparing to mobilize to a project make sure you have your pipeline skids and crane mats delivery pre-arranged so you receive them in a timely manner.

You can reach out to us day or night to receive a quote for bids you are working on or get and estimate on price and delivery to your upcoming or ongoing job.

Hardwood Skids

Hardwood Skids


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