Crane Mats

Crane mats come in a variety of sizes and are used for everything from building pads for large scale cranes, creating temporary bridges, or supporting smaller backhoes when traction is needed.

We manufacture our crane mats mainly from mixed hardwoods but can build all oak mats on request.  Our crane mats are generally 4′ wide and either 8″ or 12″ thick.  We make them in lengths from 16′ all the way up to 40′ long.

The following categories describe in more detail the uses of our crane mats, there is also additional information on the sub pages you can find under the drop down for crane mats above.

Hardwood Crane Mats

Made from mixed hardwood or all oak, crane mats are made 4′ wide, 1′ thick, and 20′ to 40′ long, and are made to support the largest cranes in a variety of conditions.  These are used to build a temporary pad for crawler cranes used on large construction projects.  We can also provide transition mats that are placed at the beginning of the pad to create a ramp for the crane to access the pad site.

Timber Mats and Digging Mats

Made from mixed hardwood with the most common sizes being 4′ wide, 8″ thick, and 16′ to 20′ long, digging mats are made to support smaller backhoes and other equipment when traction is needed.  More recently these smaller mats have been placed on the ground above existing underground pipelines to distribute weight when heavy equipment and trucks cross (this can also be accomplished with our 3ply Laminated Mats).

Dragline Mats

Similar to Digging Mats, these are made from mixed hardwood with the most common sizes being 4′ wide, 8″ thick, and 16′ to 20′ long. Dragline mats are made to support dragline cranes in wet and unstable conditions.  Depending on the size of your dragline crane our 12″ thick mats might be considered as well.

Bridge Mats

Made 4′ wide and 1′ thick, these mats come from 20′ long up to 40′ long and are used to create temporary bridges.  Some contractors lay these down to cross small creeks along the right-a-way or on top of existing bridges that don’t have the support necessary for their equipment.  They can also be used to create air bridges which is another method for crossing existing underground pipelines without putting direct pressure on the ground above them.

Used Hardwood Mats

If you are looking to save some money and don’t need the life span of a brand new crane mat we can usually provide you with used mats that will do the same job.  These mats which we have either purchased back after a project or come from our rental inventory will have some wear and tear but be structurally sound to provide the same support as new mats.

Hardwood Crane Mats

Hardwood Crane Mats

Crane Mats

Crane Mats Pad

Used Mats

Used Mats







What People Are Asking:

What Are Crane Mats Used For?

Made from solid timbers, Crane Mats are used to support heavy equipment including cranes, bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, etc., when working in wet or unstable conditions.

Crane Mats are also used to protect what is underneath them such as roads, rivers, land, or pipelines.

What is a Rig Mat?

Rig Mats are hardwood mats used to create a platform around the rig site and support equipment used in drilling.  They may also be used to create an access road to and from the rig site.

What is a Timber Mat?

Timber Mats are another name for crane mats but generally made from eight inch timbers and used to support heavy equipment on various job sites.

What about Cross Laminated “CLT” and Composite Mats

These types of mats are beginning to be a great alternative to the traditional timber mats most commonly used in pipeline and heavy construction.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss these options as well.

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