Use of Hardwood Crane Mats on Pipeline Crossings

As more and more pipelines are being built it is almost impossible to construct a new pipeline or new drill site without having to drive your heavy equipment across and existing underground pipeline.  Different Pipeline companies have various requirements for protecting their existing assets and won’t allow construction companies to cross their lines unless they comply with these requirements.  Two of the methods outlined below require different types of hardwood crane mats, both of which Pipeline Skid Service can supply.

Air Bridge – when the pipeline company is requiring an air bridge over their existing line you are going to need either eight inch or twelve inch thick hardwood crane mats for the job.  Normally one crane mat is laid down parallel to the underground pipeline on each side of the pipe and then four or five crane mats are laid perpendicular resting each end on top of the parallel mat.  This creates a temporary bridge spanning the existing pipeline.

Weight Displacement – sometimes the pipeline company only requires that matting be laid down directly on the ground above the pipeline to distribute the weight across a larger area.  In this case, either crane mats or 3ply laminated mats can be used.


If you are bidding or currently working on a project that requires these methods feel free to reach out to us for a quote on the mats delivered directly to your project.

Hardwood Crane Mats

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