New Infrastructure Stimulus and Crane Mats

With the federal government signaling that there will be a substantial investment into overhauling our country’s infrastructure including roads, bridges, and railways we know there could also be a huge increase in demand for equipment mats and crane mats.  Our mats can be used for all kinds of applications on these types of jobs, such as heavy equipment support, access for vehicles through wet or environmentally sensitive areas, temporary bridging, or support pads for concrete and metal trusses.

Pipeline Skid Service can provide all types and sizes of hardwood mats for these jobs including crane mats, equipment mats, and laminated mats.  To see what we have in stock near your job just give us a call at 830-792-5445 or click “Get a Quote” above.

Pipeline Skid Service is a family owned business that was founded in 1953.  We work with sawmills all over the country so we can quickly and affordably provide hardwood skids and hardwood mats to your job wherever it might be.  We look forward to helping you out on your upcoming bid or job.


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