Pipeline Skid Service sells Crane Mats Also

We get this question all the time, “do you guys sell crane mats also”?  The answer is YES, we sell all sorts of matting along with our pipeline skids.  As our name indicates we started off selling just pipeline skids over 65 years ago but have evolved over the years to provide our customers with a full line of hardwood products needed in heavy construction.  Included in that is pipeline skids, digging mats, 3ply Laminated mats, and crane mats.

We offer crane mats in both eight inch and twelve inch thicknesses and in lengths from twelve foot all the way up to forty foot.  The most common mat size we are selling right now include our 8″ x 4′ x 16′ and 8″ x 4′ x 18′ digging mats that are great for traditional pipeline work or work with small excavators.

Also very popular right now are the 8′ x 16′ 3ply Laminated hardwood mats (also called swamp mats and access mats).  These mats are great for providing temporary access or support for equipment in marshy and wet conditions.  They also work well to protect existing roads or grass from getting damaged as heavy equipment is moved across.

So next time you call for your pipeline skids and are wondering if we sell crane mats also the answer is YES.

Crane Mats

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