Use Of Cross Laminated “CLT” and Composite Crane Mats

Over the past few years you have probably heard more and more about Cross Laminated “CLT” and Composite Crane Mats.  These types of mats are a great alternative to traditional timber mats most commonly used in pipeline and heavy construction.  However, just as with hardwood mats, there are always pros and cons to each type.  Here is a little information on these alternative options:

Cross Laminated “CLT” Mats are manufactured from multiple layers of lumber, each layer laying perpendicular to the last, and glued in place.  CLT mats are made from non-hardwood species such as pine so they are lighter, but have been tested to be stronger than some hardwood mats.  The way they are glued and layered together also creates a more rigid mat.  These mats come in a variety of sizes including the sizes of traditional digging mats and 3ply access mats.  One interesting fact about CLT mats is that unlike timber mats, CLT mats are engineered to all have known capacity characteristics.

Composite Mats are manufactured from plastic and are molded into various sizes.  Generally, composite mats are only a few inches thick and are used in place of hardwood or CLT access mats.  They are best used to protect the ground when moving heavy equipment or to help create traction and stability in wet locations.  An interesting fact about composite mats is that some can be melted down and reformed into new mats when they begin to get worn down.

If you have any questions about CLT or Composite mats or want to give them a try, just give us a call at 830-792-5445.

CLT Crane Mats

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