Used Hardwood Mats in Midland Texas

Pipeline Skid Service currently has several truck loads of used hardwood digging mats available for sale or rent in our Midland Texas yard. These mats where only used for two months on a job in West Texas and are in great condition.

These eight inch thick digging mats are commonly used for several applications in the oil field including excavator support, access through wet areas, and air bridges.  First, hardwood digging mats have been used for decades as support for excavators and other heavy equipment to work off of when the ground is unstable, not level, or wet.  Second, the mats are used in wet areas to keep trucks or heavy equipment traffic from getting stuck when accessing the job site.  Third, becoming more and more common, gas companies are requiring air bridges or ground protection to cross over their underground lines to prevent any damage.

The mats are available for pickup at our Midland Texas yard or we can arrange delivery to your job site.  Call us today or click get a quote above to get a quick quote for your next project.

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