Used Pipeline Skids Available

Pipeline Skid Service has used pipeline skids available in West Texas and in the Houston Texas areas.  With over fifteen thousand available at each location we are prepared to supply your next pipeline job.  The skids were used on a major pipeline project on the gulf coast before being re-banded for use again.

Used pipeline skids are a great way to save money if you have a smaller pipeline project or are needing hardwood cribbing for other uses.  Some of our customers use them to support equipment or pipe in their yards, support tanks or tank lids when doing maintenance, and even as reclaimed wood on some construction projects.

Used pipeline skids can also weigh a little less so more can be hauled at once and they are easier to move around.  A typical hardwood pipeline skid weighs nearly 40 pounds each but as they dry out the weight can decrease to around 35 pounds each.

If you are interested in getting a quote for some new or used pipeline skids, click the “get a quote” link above or call us anytime.

Houston Used Skids

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