Used Skids and Used Crane Mats

The need for used Skids and used Crane mats and timbers demand has really picked up in the last month.

Here are some jobs we have been working on:

We sent several hundred laminated crane mats to the San Antonio area for a heavy construction job.  The mats are being used to support the crane while installing steel rafters in a fifty thousand square foot warehouse.  These mats will be available for resale in the next couple of months.

We shipped 28 foot bridge crane mats into Arkansas for a bridge construction job.  The mats will be used as temporary support while constructing a bridge for vehicle traffic.

We provided custom sized hardwood oak cribbing for a hydro electric power plant construction job in Washington state.  Sizes shipped mainly included 12 by 12 timbers in 12, 10, and 8 foot lengths.  We can saw hardwood timbers to meet nearly any specification you need.

used skids

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