Used Skids for Sale in Texas

We currently have 5,000 used skids for sale in North Houston that are ready for immediate shipment.  These skids are in good usable condition and banded up for easy shipment and use on the job.  We know that every dollar counts when completing a pipeline job so being able to save some money on your pipeline skids could be a boost for your bottom line.

Pipeline Skid Service is always looking for good used skids to buy and add to our inventory of over 100,000 new skids.  If you are finishing a job and have any skids to sell please contact us and we can pick them up directly from your job site.

In addition to our used skids, we currently have new skid inventory all over the country including the Midwest, South, Houston, West Texas (Midland/Odessa), and in the North East.

Used Skids for Sale

Used Skids for Sale

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