What Are Crane Mats Used For

When I tell someone about our company they always ask… what are crane mats used for?

There really are endless uses for crane mats, however, the two main uses are heavy equipment support and temporary bridging.

Crane mats used in heavy equipment support is where the name is derived, as one of their main uses is creating support pads for crawler cranes.  They can also be used to support excavators, backhoes, dump trucks, and other construction vehicles on uneven or wet ground.  We have sold crane mats across multiple industries including pipeline construction, wind and solar construction, road and bridge construction, farm and ranch, railroad, etc.  You can see this application of crane mats along wet right of ways where construction vehicle access is crucial.

Crane mats are also used as temporary bridging for heavy equipment on job sites.  This includes bridging over small creeks or low areas that equipment or trucks can’t maneuver on their own.  Additionally, they are sometimes used for bridging over underground utilities, such as pipelines, to prevent any damage to those assets.  Again, this application of crane mats can be used across numerous industries.

If you want to learn more or need a quote, feel free to call us.  We provide all types and sizes of crane mats and can ship all over the country.

What are crane mats used for



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