How Much Do Crane Mats Weigh

We get this question a lot … how much do crane mats weigh?

The answer is that the weight of crane mats can vary substantially based on the size and type of mat. For instance, an 8″ thick hardwood mat usually weighs around 155 lbs per foot.  So a 16′ mat would weigh 2,500 lbs and an 18′ mat would weigh 2,800 lbs. When you look at crane mats that are normally 12″ thick the weight per foot goes up to around 240 lbs per foot.  So a 20′ mat would weigh 4,800 lbs and a 30′ mat would weigh 7,200 lbs.

Now these are only estimates and we always say that every mat is different and can vary in weight.  A second consideration is the age and moister content of each mat. If they are brand new mats the lumber is probably high in moister and they could weigh more than mats that have been sitting for a year.

If you have any questions to what your mats might weigh or how many you can haul feel free to give us a call at 830-792-5445.

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